Cave Leaders for Mendip Caves

Access to caves is a funny business. The best place to start if you want information on access to caves on Mendip is Mendip Underground, published by MCRA. Alternatively look at the CSCC web site here
Types of access:
  • open to anyone eg Burrington Combe caves
  • open to anyone on payment of a “fee” eg Swildon’s Hole & Eastwater Cavern
  • locked but accessible with the CSCC key eg Cuckoo Cleeves & Sludge Pit
  • locked but accessible with a key and permit eg Rhino Rift & Longwood Swallet (caves controlled by CCC Ltd except for Charterhouse Cave)
  • locked and requiring a “leader” eg Charterhouse Cave & Reservoir Hole.
Certain members have been nominated by the Wessex committee as “leaders” for caves where this is allowed. Their names are listed below.
Other Wessex members have been appointed by the controlling body of a cave. Their names are listed below only if they have given permission to be approached directly.
Charterhouse Cave:
  • Wayne Starsmore
  • Jude Vanderplank
Fairy Quarry Caves:

Some are CSCC padlock, some are leader required. Contact Martin Grass for those, several members are “leaders”. The carpark is CSCC padlock, the quarry gates a coded padlock.

Loxton Cavern:

(The entrance is currently in a poor state of repair and until entrance stability works can be carried out, access is not permitted. Last update 19/11/2012.)

  • Dave Cooke (Cookie)
  • Adrian Vanderplank
Pen Park Hole:
  • Wayne Starsmore
  • Dave Cooke (Cookie)
Reservoir Hole:

Contact Martin Grass, several members are leaders. Currently closed by Longleat Estate.

St. Cuthbert’s Swallet:
  • Alison Moody
  • Mark Easterling (Bean) – In Training
Tween Twins Hole (AKA Fester Hole):
Upper Flood Swallet:

Contact MCG Secretary, several members are leaders.

Wookey Hole (not diving):
  • email
Please give adequate notice.
If you are a leader and are happy for your name to be listed then please let the web master know.