Most information from the Treasurer will be found inside the Members’ Pages.

Payments by cash or cheque can be deposited at Upper Pitts using the envelopes provided just inside the front door. Please indicate clearly on the envelope who the money is from and what it is for. Deposit the envelope in the safe in the Common Room. This is emptied at least once each week.

Payments via BACS can be accepted provided payment is from the payees personal account. Ask the Treasurer for details.

For BACS payments please include a reference, which is limited to 18 characters including any spaces, which MUST START with a reference from the following list. Other useful information can follow the short reference.

  • SUBS – for a membership payment that does NOT include the BCA membership (insurance) component
  • INS – for a membership payment that only covers the BCA membership (insurance) component. (Only use for Junior members and error correction.)
  • SUBSINS – for a membership payment that includes the BCA membership (insurance) component
  • DINNER – for an Annual Dinner payment
  • EVENT – for a non-dinner event
  • SALES – for any purchases
  • HUT – please only use this for larger amounts.¬† You can always run a credit by recording such in the signing in book.