The Hut

Upper Pitts – Wessex Cave Club HQ


The Wessex Cave Club HQ is in the heart of Mendip Caving. Just down the road from the little village of Priddy, we are well positioned for caving on the hill. The HQ has a great range of facilities including bunk rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, changing room with showers, drying room, kit washing area, library, central heating, WiFi and common room with cast iron stove. You will need 20p coins for the showers, £1 coins for the trespass fee for Swildon’s Hole and Eastwater Cavern and more cash if you visit the Hunters’ Lodge Inn (cards not accepted there).

Bunk Rooms

We have a large bunk room upstairs, with a smaller downstairs one. With an overall number of bunks of 44 (12 downstairs), 25 of these are available for booking by non members/groups. The smaller downstairs bunk room can be requested for group use only, but there are restrictions – contact Hut Bookings officer for the club’s guidelines.


Our fully equipped kitchen, with all the basic appliances you could need. With three fridges, two ovens, four hobs, two microwaves and enough kettles to make enough tea for all of England!

Common Room

We have a fantastic common room, all kitted out with sofas, our cast iron stove and two long tables.

Changing Room

The changing room is custom build for our needs. With 4 hot showers, and plenty of changing space. Our drying room is just off from our changing room.

Locker Room

Day lockers with electronic locks are provided free of charge for cavers to lock away their valuables whilst away from the hut. Members lockers are available to rent for longer term storage – check availability.

 Tackle Store – Accessible to Members Only

The club keeps a good selection of ladders and ropes (lifeline and SRT) for use by members.  In addition keys to access most of Mendips locked caves are kept here.

Library – Accessible to Members Only (but can be booked by visitors for meetings)


The latest periodicals can be found on the back of the door, whilst surveys, books and journals are available on the shelves.

Kit Wash Down Area

The wash down area is the most important of all!!! Kitted out with a hose and brush, not to mention the rope washer.

Other Facilities

The Club holds guest keys to allow visiting groups to access most of Mendips locked caves.

WiFi Hotspot –Free Wifi is available at the hut.  Donations to its upkeep are very welcome.

Hut Bookings

Please see the Hut Bookings page.

Hut Fees

Current Rates
£4.00 per night (members)
£5.00 per night (full time pupils / students)
£7.50 per night (guests)
£1.00 Day Fees
£0.20p for the shower (20p piece required)