The Club Journal

The Wessex Cave Club publishes its own Journal. This is a production with quality photographs and carries details of caving trips and expeditions abroad, usually with plenty of photographs and surveys. Copies are supplied to members. Contributions are welcomed from all members and guests.

From its foundation in 1934 until 1941 the Club published regular Circulars to members. These are now known as the Old Series Numbers 1-56. After the hiatus caused by the Second World War the Circulars were restarted in 1946 with New Series Number 1. After Number 25 the Circulars were named Journals. The main content of the Circulars, Old and New, was reissued as Volume 1. Journals are grouped together into a Volume, usually as decreed by the Club Librarian for binding purposes. Occasionally, where Journals became infrequent, a Newsletter was issued. When the Club vacated its HQ at Hillgrove the Logbooks, June 1954 to October 1963, were issued as a Supplement to Volume 8.

It is quite possible that the conversion of the old paper documents to electronic format has introduced errors that have not been picked up during proof reading. Please let the Secretary know if you notice any so they can be corrected.

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