Caving Off Mendip


The Wessex has reciprocal rights of accommodation with the following:

  • Derbyshire – Orpheus Caving Club, Technical Speleological Group (TSG)
  • Devon – Devon Speleological Society
  • Scotland – Grampian Speleological Group
  • Wales – Croydon Caving Club, South Wales Caving Club, Westminster Speleological Group
  • Yorkshire – Bradford Pothole Club, Craven Pothole Club, Northern Pennine Club, Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club, Yorkshire Ramblers Club, Yorkshire Subterranean Society (YSS)

General Rules of reciprocal rights applied at the Wessex,

  • Members can stay in each other’s club Hut for the same fees as that club’s members.
  • Up to 5 members can visit each hut without booking.
    However prior booking is highly recommended to ensure that there is room.
  • Access will be allowed to each clubs members bunk rooms when space is available.
  • Only bona fide club members to be included in the agreement.
  • No reciprocal rights, for borrowing club tackle or library materials.

 Other clubs when visiting the Wessex hut for the first time please contact a member of the committee, who will give you a tour of the hut and advise on access procedures, use of the SRT training tower, gas supply isolation etc.

A number of clubs have requested that we apply some additional rules for our members visiting their club huts:
Northern Pennine Caving Club – No sleeping in their members bunk room, they have 3 guest rooms.
South Wales Caving Club –  5 people in one car without booking.

Northern Caves

A useful source of information is here: Council of Northern Caving Clubs

Welsh Caves

Caves of Mynydd Llangatwg.

Details of access can temporarily be found here: Mynydd Llangatwg

We hold an annual permit. Keys for Agen Allwedd and Craig A Ffynnon can be found in our Tackle Store.

Dan Yr Ogof

Datails of access can be found here: Dan Yr Ogof

The club has members who are Wardens and can lead trips. Contact the Caving Secretary for details.

OFD – We hold an Annual Permit – see Members Pages for a copy.

See the following general documents:

OFD Trip ticket guidance

OFD Access Entry And Rules July 2021 (note that smoking is strictly banned in OFD and that a repeated breach of this very simple rule may lead to removal of permission to enter OFD.)

OFD NRW SWCC Keyholders


For more information regarding OFD see the SWCC web site here