Caving Off Mendip


The Wessex has reciprocal rights of accommodation with the following:

  • Derbyshire – Orpheus Caving Club, Technical Speleological Group (TSG)
  • Devon – Devon Speleological Society
  • Scotland – Grampian Speleological Group
  • Wales – Croydon Caving Club, South Wales Caving Club, Westminster Speleological Group
  • Yorkshire – Bradford Pothole Club, Craven Pothole Club, Northern Pennine Club, Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club, Yorkshire Ramblers Club, Yorkshire Subterranean Society (YSS)

General Rules of reciprocal rights applied at the Wessex,

  • Members can stay in each other’s club Hut for the same fees as that club’s members.
  • Up to 5 members can visit each hut without booking.
    However prior booking is highly recommended to ensure that there is room.
  • Access will be allowed to each clubs members bunk rooms when space is available.
  • Only bona fide club members to be included in the agreement.
  • No reciprocal rights, for borrowing club tackle or library materials.

 Other clubs when visiting the Wessex hut for the first time please contact a member of the committee, who will give you a tour of the hut and advise on access procedures, use of the SRT training tower, gas supply isolation etc.

A number of clubs have requested that we apply some additional rules for our members visiting their club huts:
Northern Pennine Caving Club – No sleeping in their members bunk room, they have 3 guest rooms.
South Wales Caving Club –  5 people in one car without booking.

Northern Caves

A useful source of information is here: Council of Northern Caving Clubs

Welsh Caves

Caves of Mynydd Llangatwg.

Information and details of access can be found here: Mynydd Llangatwg

We hold an annual permit. Keys for Agen Allwedd, Craig A Ffynnon and Ogof Cnwc can be found in our Tackle Store.

Dan Yr Ogof

Datails of access can be found here: Dan Yr Ogof

The club has members who are Wardens and can lead trips. Contact the Caving Secretary for details.

OFD – We hold an Annual Permit – see Members Pages / Secretary’s Information / Cave Access for a copy.

See the following general documents:

OFD ACCESS AND ENTRY – Access Guidelines, Access Procedures &
Entry Conditions and Rules

Minimal Impact Caving Guidelines

For more information regarding OFD see the SWCC web site here