Training Tower

Mendip may not be renowned for SRT or long ladder pitches, but you would be pleasantly surprised with how much you will need it. That makes our tower a fantastic facility.

The tower has a clear 6m hang on two sides of the platform, not to mention lots of places lots of places to set up traverse lines, re-belays, deviations or any other setup you wish to practice. This makes it a fantastic place to practice, whether you are learning new skills or blowing out the cobwebs on old skills.

It is always great to see the tower in use, not to mention it’s free to guests of the WCC. We only ask that people have a quick read of the Handbook; a copy is also found on the notice board in the sitting room. 

If you are wanting to use this great facility, please can you inform the booking officer when you book. This will help others know if you plan to use it!!