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Tower Booking

Tower Booking - Thursday 11th November - John Crowsley ( MCG)

Hut Booking

Cambridge University Caving Club - 20 guests, Friday & Saturday nights - Harry Kettle.... West Sussex - 5 booked guests plus 4 WCC members with 4 personal guests - Sam Drake....

Second Saturday

Upper Pitts

Bath Swallet to Rod's Pot Through Trip Duration 2 - 3 hours Location - Meet at Upper Pitts at 10.00am Chris Williams has kindly volunteered to lead a Bath Swallet to Rod’s Pot (or even a Rod’s Pot to Bath Swallet) through trip. This is a fairly straight forward journey underground but it does include Read More

Tower Booking

MCR  Tower Booking - Wednesday 17th November - Wayne Starsmore.....

Hut Booking

Stanley Head OEC - 5 guests, Friday & Saturday nights - Adam Geens...... Southampton Uni Sub Aqua Club - 16 guests, Friday & Saturday nights - Phoebe Hudson..... WSG - 3 guests, Friday & Saturday nights - Jon Hauser....  

Committee Meeting


Zoom - contact the Secretary if you wish to attend.

Hut Booking

YSS - 2 guests - Stuart Weston & Keith Mason , Friday & Saturday nights...... Emma Heron - Friday & Saturday nights.....

Hut Booking

WetWellies Caving - 2 guests, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights - Booked by Chris Grosart.....

Library Booking

CDG Meeting - Saturday 4th December 6.30pm....