The Wessex do not have ‘Wessex Digs’. Our members have individual digs and for most of them any caver (irrespective of skill, personality or club affiliation) is welcome.

As Web Master I will try and compile a list of digs our club has been  involved with. Hopefully we get a good response and this page can continue to grow, just like the caves we dig in!  There are always active digging teams at the Wessex, get in touch with the Caving Sec’ if you would like to be involved.

Fester Hole (Tween-Twins Hole):

Fester Hole in Burrington Coombe is no longer an active dig, but is a great opportunity to see the outcome from many years of digging. It is a beautiful place to visit and a great example of a pretty cave, kept in its natural state. See http://www.tweentwinshole.org.uk for more details on how to book your visit. Survey below:



Longwood Valley Sink:

Currently being dug by a team headed up by Ali Moody. Current digs at Tickle Choke (cementing boulders to make safe) and end of Triassic Tunnel (enlarging small tube). Survey below.



Sludge Pit Hole:

Currently being dug by a team headed up by Mike Kousiounis and Geoff Newton. Dig nights are usually on a Friday evening, with sporadic sessions mid-week depending on man power. They have discovered close to 100 metres of passage. They have also received help from  a dozen or so different cavers from a number of different clubs. Survey below.



Spider Hole:

The bottom is currently being dug by a team headed up by Adrian Vanderplank. Survey below:



  • If you are involved in a dig you think would be relevant to include on the dig page please contact us.